Sales Forecasting – What NOT to Do

3 November 2014


Does your sales forecasting accurately predict the future results of a sales force? Staying apprised of trends and best practices for sales leadership is one way to improve upon forecasting effectiveness…. and to make sure you re not about to be a cast member on Sales Forecasting: What NOT to Do.

Video coutresy of Vantage Point Performance.

Interested in more on this topic? Participate in our research project examining sales forecasting in business-to-business organizations. Research questions will identify core practices, processes, and resources considered essential to forecasting; reveal factors that contribute to effective sales forecasting; and determine how salespeople and managers interact in sales forecasting initiatives.

Participants receive:

  • The 2014 report when it is published in December 2014.
  • Preferred registration for the webcast summarizing research results.

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