Analyzing Sales Coverage Using Geospatial Data

September 20, 2023 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern US Time | Open session | Webcast

The first in a three part series on sales resource utilization.
Sales forces are continually pressured to improve productivity. As a result, many leaders’ first response is to focus on improving salesperson effectiveness. But many overlook the significant productivity gains that come from improving efficiency, including those from improving resource allocation in order to maximize opportunity coverage and sales capacity.

In this three part series, we examine approaches to maximize sales resource utilization. The series includes three sessions on three essential topics. These are (1) analyzing the existing coverage model and market trendsĀ using geospatial data, (2) optimizing resource deployment through aligned sales territories and assignments, and (3) executing with enhanced support for route planning and scheduling.

Analyzing sales coverage using geospatial data
In the initial session, we examine how to assess an existing coverage model and analyze both customer and market information using geospatial data. This helps management identify vulnerabilities in opportunity coverage, quantify improvement opportunities, and visualize locations for new markets or increased focus.

View parts two and three:
Part Two: Establishing Territories and Salesperson Assignments
Part Three: Route Planning and Call Scheduling

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