Research First Look: Quantifying Sales Enablement’s Value

June 27, 2019 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time | Research First Look,Webcast

Join us for our first look at recently concluded research from the Sales Management Association.

This research examines the extent to which firms are embracing “sales enablement,” and the impact of its adoption on the sales organization. Sales enablement describes an emerging set of practices related to salesperson development, guidance, and content distribution. It is characterized by (a) connecting sellers to content most relevant for each buyer interaction; (b) delivering training, guidance, and content in context — that is, in the course of the salesperson’s day-to-day activities, when its application is most relevant; (c) deploying content through technology platforms, often on demand, and in flexible formats; and (d) using analytics to evaluate content usage and effectiveness.

By correlating sales enablement adoption with performance outcomes, research findings will quantify the business value firms are realizing from sales enablement investments. And, research will identify current approaches, emerging trends, and best practices associated with firms’ sales enablement efforts.

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