WORKSHOP – Improving Sales Effectiveness with High Impact Sales Coaching

16 October 2018


Few activities are considered as important to the sales organization as sales coaching. Three-fourths of firms, in fact, consider sales coaching very important to sales force effectiveness, but despite this awareness over three-quarters of firms say they do very little, if any, coaching. Of greater concern is the quality of what little coaching is provided by management – just 46% of whom consider theirs effective.

Yet for firms that get sales coaching right, a substantial performance benefit accrues. There is a 15% revenue performance achievement gap between leading firms effective at coaching and lagging firms seen as ineffective.

In this session we review the Sales Management Association’s latest research on sales coaching, while revealing the practices and approaches that help high performing firms unlock sales coaching’s performance benefit. Attendees will gain an understanding of sales coaching’s essential elements, how to support effective coaching initiatives, and how to optimize its impact on sales effectiveness.

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