WORKSHOP – Values and Integrity: Killer Apps Many Companies Overlook in Equipping Sales Organizations

31 October 2019


What sort of culture are you building in your sales team that’s going to help make 2020 better than 2019? In the rush to embrace everything changing about the sales profession, it’s easy to lose focus on enduring qualities that have always been true of great salespeople. These include the ability to engender buyers’ trust, and to build long term relationships. These qualities are rooted in the personal and corporate values your customers perceive in sellers and the firms they represent.

The evidence is in – sales organizations with strong values-based cultures wield competitive advantages in the marketplace. Their customer relationships are longer lasting, they achieve higher profitability per customer and they compete more favorably for talent, especially for younger workers more often purpose-driven in evaluating potential employers than older generations. By putting values at the center of their sales processes, they generate strong tailwinds that push sellers to greater levels of motivation and achievement drive.

In this workshop the presenters will walk you step-by-step through how you can establish a more values-based culture that can be a compelling foundation for elevating passion, drive and revenues.

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