Addressing Challenges in Salesperson Activity Tracking

3 November 2022


Most managers would say they have a general grasp on what their salespeople do, but how much do they really know? Our research shows that most firms have little data on the sales force's day-to-day activities. This is remarkable, given that the sum total of these activities represents the firm’s largest single selling investment.

Why are so many sales organizations stuck with only a superficial level of insight into salesperson interactions like face-to-face sales calls, or video or telephone conversations with customers? Too few seem to solve for the most fundamental challenge inherent in analyzing salesperson activities – accurately recording them. Most rely on self-reporting from salespeople, which yields incomplete data of dubious quality. Most concerning of all is the enormous cost of existing data collection efforts, which siphon away a surprisingly large volume of high-value selling time.

In this webcast we consider how firms should address analyzing and managing salesperson activity. Topics addressed include:

  • Is tracking salesperson activity valuable? (If so, at what cost?)
  • What data streams are most valuable?
  • What data collection approaches are most successful?
  • What strategies are working for firms effective in measuring sales activity?
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