Challenging All Your Buyers Leads to Lost Sales

31 October 2018


Companies need to stop believing the hype that there's only one way to sell. Top performers are not just consultative, challenging, transactional, or relationship sellers -- they are "situational" sellers who adapt their sales approach to different buying situations. In fact, 83% of customers say a salesperson's ability to adjust sales strategy was a major factor in their purchase decision. If you want to upgrade your sales force effectiveness, you should abandon your rigid sales process and start building a more agile sales force.

Join Florida State University's Leff Bonney as he discusses his groundbreaking research that shows:

  • What makes the best salespeople great in their buyers' eyes
  • How agility in the sales process is a key determinant of success
  • Which critical steps world-class organizations take to build a more flexible sales capability
  • What mistakes companies commonly make as they pursue more agile sales forces
  • How an agile sales strategy impacts sales training, CRM, management, enablement, and marketing

Companies that have adopted a more agile sales approach saw their win rates improve by 22%. Join the revolution and stop losing deals unnecessarily.

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