Retaining Top Sales Talent Without Increasing Pay

24 January 2024


Retaining top talent is suddenly a front burner priority for sales organizations. In many industries, the labor market balance-of-power has swung in favor of workers, and salespeople are more vulnerable (and receptive) to competitors' poaching efforts. At the same time, employers may be under mounting financial pressure, with limited ability to respond by increasing wages. But employers too often make the mistake of assuming that salesperson retention is strictly about pay.

In fact, salespeople are as likely to leave for reasons related to firm culture, developmental opportunities, or work/life balance as they are to leave in search of more income. Sales organizations that address these factors enjoy substantially better sales force retention, higher morale, and greater sales productivity.

This webcast details a set of practices focused on non compensation incentives that make salespeople happier in their jobs, and reduce salesperson churn risk. These represent practices that are relatively easily implemented and within reach of all firms, and yield substantial economic advantages in cost reduction and long term productivity.

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