Improving Sales Force Motivation

14 September 2023


Motivating a sales team is challenging in the best of times. During the last three years, however, leaders have had to do so even as they navigated global calamity and workforce changes. Sales reps have been on a similar odyssey, striving to hit goals while grappling with new priorities and workplace uncertainty.

The second half of 2023 may represent a new normal – characterized by hybrid work and, perhaps unexpectedly, workers who, according to at least one report, are happier than they’ve been in decades, despite a persistently hazy economic outlook.

In this webcast, presenters examine how sales managers are motivating their teams, and what’s working. Drawing on research insights and best practice, they’ll explore disconnects in managers’ and salespeople’s perceptions related to motivation and engagement, and offer practical approaches for optimizing salesperson motivation.

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