The Truth About Sales Transformation

19 October 2011


Sales transformation is a catch phrase on the lips of sales leadership. The current environment is testing traditional selling models as never before, through shifts in buying behavior, new technologies, demand volatility, and increased competition. In response, many sales leaders acknowledge that only substantial, transformative change will properly re-orient their sales organizations. In this presentation, AXIOM Sales Force Development CEO Bob Nichols details critical aspects of successful sales transformations, and reveals a number of important lessons for managers considering transformations in their own sales organizations.

Focusing on changes in selling activity, behavior, and methodology, Bob suggests how sales leaders can assess their sales organization's need to undergo transformation, which priorities must be elevated, and what factors are most critical to successful transformations.

Topics include:

  • The fundamental importance of sales process
  • Securing buy-in for transformative change
  • Training and tools that make a difference
  • Transforming sales management
  • Accountability for change
  • Change outcomes
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