Workshop: Managing the Social Sales Force

13 October 2015


Technology has forever changed how buyers buy. Web-enabled and hyper-informed, they’re identifying suppliers, researching solutions, and evaluating alternatives – all things that used to require a salesperson’s help.

Sales forces that have adapted to this and embraced social media have thrived. Social selling is leveling the playing field for these organizations, positioning sellers alongside the buyers they’re trying to reach, at the moment when they’re active. From productivity increases to stronger relationships with buyers, social selling is driving results.

Managing a social sales force, however, requires new approaches for sales leaders. Join LinkedIn as we address how sales managers can implement, manage, and assess a social selling program. We’ll dive deep into the Social Selling Index (SSI), a new metric that enables leaders to finally measure the effectiveness of intangible (but critical) sales rep tactics like networking, account multi-threading, brand-building and more.

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