Workshop: Sales Coaching Program Essentials: Enablement and Accountability

25 October 2016


Research shows sales coaching produces more effective sales teams. And, it tells us that sales leadership considers coaching among the most important places for managers to focus. But maddeningly, research also reveals that most coaching initiatives fall flat, and little manager time is spent in meaningful coaching interactions.

How can firms get sales coaching initiatives back on track? With a renewed focus on two fundamental program features: enablement, and accountability. This session answers the questions: How do you implement an effective coaching initiative, How do you ensure the desired behavior is realized, and How do you measure the impact?

This session focuses on practical approaches, proven frameworks, and best practice examples from sales organizations who've realized enormous productivity gains through sales coaching.

Topics include:

  • Why coaching is essential
  • The key difference between effective coaching conversations and traditional seller/manager interactions
  • Five barriers to coaching effectiveness and how to overcome them
  • Tools to enable your coaching initiative
  • How to measure coaching behaviors
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