Transforming the Sales Organization: Change Framework and Case Study

13 November 2012


Sales transformation is not about tweaking your sales comp plans or having a one-day offsite workshop to review your sales objectives. If transformation were that simple, wouldn’t all under-performing sales organizations be transformed by now? Wouldn’t every sales team exceed its targets, year after year?

This Sales Management Association webcast highlights a proven top-down, systematic framework for approaching sales transformation. It features an in-depth case example of a consumer packaged goods company with US$1.7 billion in annual sales, transformed over a two year period. Transformative change was achieved by focusing on four key elements common to every sales organization: Structure, People, Tools and Internal Alignment. Topics also include a review of transformation outcomes, and perspective on how firms facing transformation projects should consider potential ROI.

Presented by Symmetrics Group’s Warren Shiver, Managing Principal; and Hope Eyre, Senior Consultant.

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