Certification Workshops for Sales Management and Sales Force Effectiveness Professionals

June 4, 2024 | 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern US Time | Open session

Go deep in sales effectiveness topics at Sales Management Association’s instructor-led workshops. Our instructor led workshops are four-to six hour working sessions with small class sizes. Workshops may be delivered in-person or online by SMA staff or endorsed third-party instructors.

Workshops are free to attend for corporate members, and discounted for individual and associate members.

Some workshops specify prerequisite on demand course completion prior to attending. [On demand courses are free for members at the corporate, individual, and associate level.] Currently enrolling workshops:

The following workshops are slated for Q2 2024. Workshops are scheduled based on demand. Please indicate your interest by completing our enrollment and information request form at this link.

Upcoming workshops:

Please note: an online alternative may be offered in lieu of in-erson attendance for some sessions.

  • Salesperson Hiring and Selection | Atlanta
  • Coaching Salespeople | Dallas
  • Sales Coaching Program Management | Dallas
  • Sales Process and Sales Pipeline Management | Denver
  • Analyzing Salesperson Performance | Denver
  • Principles of Incentive Compensation Design | Denver

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