Powering Up a Performance Culture in Today’s World

7 June 2022


Execution, urgency, and accountability are often stressed in results-focused sales organizations. But managers today may be more reluctant to lean into these traditional aspects of performance culture. The Great Resignation and a highly competitive labor market have made salesperson retention more important than ever. Add in the uncertainty surrounding return-to-office transitions, and many managers may hesitate to challenge salespeople or confront performance issues. But this avoidance undermines the sales organization’s success.

More progressive sales leaders are embracing the opportunity to power up their cultures. They are igniting their teams, enabling execution, instilling accountability, and engaging the support of other company functions. They embody a new set of best practice approaches that reduce barriers to success, retain top talent, and deliver excellent customer experience. One firm exemplifying this approach is Consolidated Communications, a US broadband and business communications provider.

In this session, Consolidated Communications executives Lisa Leary and Kelechi Ridgley share their firm’s efforts to transform sales leadership’s focus, effectiveness, and impact while dealing with a unique set of challenges. They’re joined by Business Efficacy‘s Linda Maxwell, who offers broad perspectives on how successful firms implement and nurture performance-based sales cultures.

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