New Research: Why Salespeople Avoid “Big Whale” Opportunities

16 September 2021


Many assume salespeople gravitate toward "whales," the largest opportunities available to them. In reality, they often avoid them. A joint US and European research team set out to determine why. Making use of CRM data, survey insights, and experimental data, their research integrates academic theories and a practical sales prospecting decision-making framework. Their findings reveal useful insights for practitioners in both solution and product selling contexts.

Two academics from the research team, Michel van der Borgh (Copenhagen Business School) and Son K. Lam (University of Georgia) join us for a special webcast featuring research findings. They'll share actionable ways managers can (1) successfully manage salespeople’s avoidance of relatively large opportunities, (2) better understand the role of conversion uncertainty in salesperson decision making when prospecting, and (3) effectively manage salespeople’s decision making when prospecting.

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