Streamlining Agreements

10 September 2018


Sales organizations expend considerable effort in establishing agreements. These aren’t just limited to commercial contracts, but span a broad range of other agreements, both external and internally focused, such as non-disclosure agreements, pricing exceptions, license agreements, memoranda of understanding, statements of work, and many others.

The practices, processes, and tools sales forces use to communicate and formalize agreements in all there many forms contribute significantly to sales productivity. They speed sales cycles, affect service quality, and improve customer satisfaction. This research investigates how sales organizations optimize various agreement processes, while identifying emerging trends and best practices, and quantifying the impact on sales force effectiveness of different approaches.

Resources available on this research

Research Brief

Core findings and selected exhibits.

Research First Look

Listen as we discuss our first look at recently concluded research. This webcast features initial research findings, expert commentary, and an interactive Q&A session with attendees.

Companion Exhibits

A comprehensive set of charts, tables, and exhibits from our research data, presented in PowerPoint slide format.

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