Research First Look: Unlocking CRM’s Value

9 October 2019


Join us for a first look at recently concluded research on Defining CRM's Value. In this session, Sales Management Association Chairman Bob Kelly will review key findings from the research in advance of the report publication.

CRM applications represent a large share of sales technology investment for most firms, and often provide a central operating system used day-to-day by salespeople and managers.

This research examines the specific functional attributes of CRM that offer value to salespeople and managers. It quantifies adoption, value delivery, and ROI associated with firms' CRM investments, and identifies management priorities, improvement opportunities, and emerging trends among firms using CRM.

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Full Research Report

A comprehensive report of findings including executive summary, management recommendations, and detailed analysis.

Companion Exhibits

A comprehensive set of charts, tables, and exhibits from our research data, presented in PowerPoint slide format.

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