Effective Forecasting in B2B Sales Organizations

12 July 2023


Sales forecasting routinely tops lists of our sales leadership's most troublesome challenges. In fact, our research shows that just 41% of firms consider their forecasting efforts effective. And forecasting consumes substantial amounts of sales organization time and attention, sapping productivity even while yielding sub par outcomes.

This webinar addresses the fundamentals of effective forecasting in B2B sales organizations. B2B sales forces typically use composite forecasting strategies that blend bottoms-up insights, time series trending, algorithmic prediction, and judgement based inputs. Topics will cover:

  • How to assemble the most important forecasting inputs, efficiently organize and share essential forecasting data, and develop timely and accurate forecasting outputs.
  • The capabilities essential to assembling an effective forecasting approach, including the ability to accommodate the varied reporting and configuration needs of diverse participants.
  • How to leverage purpose-built forecasting technology; and
  • a brief demo of Xactly's sales forecasting capabilities.
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