Research Update: Path to Profitable Growth

19 January 2016


Join us for our latest research insights on the path to profitable growth. Sales organizations allocate investments (resources, people, technology, collateral, tools) across a portfolio of growth opportunities. Driving growth from new customers is different than developing revenue from existing customers in terms of cadence, messaging, process, selling costs, marginal profitability, and overall ROI.

In this webcast, we provide a preliminary look at the research findings before we finalize results in a comprehensive report. Joining us as a panelist was Tim Braman, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Revegy, who will provide expert commentary on the research implications and participate in audience discussion.

High-level questions addressed in the study include:

  • How do companies align sales force incentives across customers types
  • What level of satisfaction do firms have with over twenty customer oriented tools and techniques (such as share-of-wallet, win-loss analysis, RFM analysis, Net Promoter Score, social media analysis)
  • What are the biggest barriers firms face with growing existing accounts
  • How are firms structuring their customer loyalty program rewards
  • What are the major causes of customer churn for firms
  • How well do specific methods for customer penetration work
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