Sales Compensation Plan Design Resources

30 September 2008


The Sales Management Association’s sales compensation resources include our library of pay plan templates, viewable here .  Each plan is presented in a downloadable spreadsheet template, which members can use to adapt a selected pay plan design to a sales position’s specific pay and performance requirements.

We recently added two new plan types to the library, both utilizing a profitability multiplier bonus together with one or more quota achievement bonus components.  These plans are intended to reward salespeople for achieving growth objectives and profitability objectives - two frequently opposing performance goals.  View the new Quota Plans with Profitability Multipliers here.

The Sales Management Association also uses interactive flash-based calculators that can be displayed on a website, presented in Powerpoint, or emailed.  They provide a hands-on, at-a-glance summary of plan specifics, and allow users to model payouts at various levels of performance.  An example plan dashboard is viewable by clicking here , or by clicking the illustration above.

New plan design spreadsheet templates and interactive calculators are posted to the library regularly.

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