Mid-Year Planning Approaches for Sales Forces In Transition

23 May 2023


Planning plays a crucial role when sales forces implement change, but few sales organizations plan effectively. This makes many slow to respond to market shifts, and poor at implementing transformational initiatives. Organizations effective in sales planning, on the other hand, are faster to market and more nimble. They reorganize and redeploy when faced with disruptive events, and on a smaller scale, can efficiently implement programmatic changes when needed. Enormous advantages in productivity and effectiveness accrue to these organizations.

In this webcast we consider the factors that contribute to effective planning in sales organizations, focusing on the planning areas that often require mid year adjustment. These include goal setting and quota allocation, managing territories and salesperson assignments, and optimizing opportunity coverage by redeploying sales resources. Year-round activities are also discussed, including a review of planning capabilities present in the most effective sales organizations.

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