Quantifying the Performance Impact of Sales Organization Culture – New Research Insights from Harvard Business Review

25 August 2020


Many executives say they're dedicated to fostering a sales team that is high-performing and productive - comfortable, concrete qualities that are easy to measure. It's far less common to hear about companies striving for a squishier metric: a happy sales team. New research from Harvard Business Review suggests sales leaders should rethink how they prioritize sales team happiness.

This research correlates high sales performance and productivity with high happiness ratings, and suggests that happy sales organizations have distinct characteristics. In this webcast we review this brand new research and its findings in detail. Topics include:

  • Performance advantages of happy sales organizations
  • The distinct cultures of happy sales organizations
  • Challenges that restrain happiness
  • The controversial role of sales technology
  • The case for happiness as a sales metric

View the full Research Report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services here - "Happy" Sales Teams Earn Better Outcomes

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